Prof K K Anand

Founder & CEO Smart Edu Group

A humble & brilliant Prof. K K Anand is a topper from BITS Pilani with a dual degree in BE(Hons) Chemical Engg. & BE(Hons) Computer Science Engg. He is also topper of MS (USA) in Chemical Engg.

Leaving all the lucrative opportunities both nationally and abroad, he took the task of IIT-JEE Training Institute in Chennai from 2004 by instituting SMART (Science and Mathematics Academy for the Real Talents), a leading NEET coaching Institute for Engineering & NEET Medical entrance exams and Olympiads Coaching Institute at Chennai and has been producing the best results among all class-room programs in Chennai for several years.

In the arena of IIT-JEE Training Institutes in Chennai , Prof. K K Anand is regarded as a genius by the students, as there is none in India who teaches all the three subjects viz. Maths, Physics and Chemistry for IIT JEE-Advanced Training to the extent of producing the best results. His video lectures are very popular among the students for its in-depth & comprehensive coverage, conceptual clarity, insightful explanations and Higher order Problem solving strategies.

Recognizing his excellent services in the arena of IIT JEE Education Institute, the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) for its prestigious program UDAAN in the year 2014, appointed Prof.K.K. Anand as its National Chief Mentor and also distributed the Video lectures of Prof.K.K.Anand to 1000 meritorious girl students throughout the country.

In recognition of his Exemplary commitment and Impactful Positive Contribution to Education in Tamil Nadu, the Times of India presented the EduIcons Award in 2016, meant for Pioneers of Education in Tamil Nadu.

In 2016, Prof.K.K.Anand instituted Smart Minds Academy, as a full fledged day-time Alternate School (Stds. I to XII) for nurturing Children towards Holistic Academic Excellence, while its operations started by 2015 for only Stds. I & XI. The school equips the students with much more knowledge and skills than regular schools, so that they attain greater competence to face all future challenges with confidence, including Olympiads Coaching in Chennai, Engineering and NEET Medical Entrance Exams.