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Class Room Program (CRP)

Class-Room Program is one where student attends competitive entrance exam coaching classes for Engineering / Medical streams after the regular school hours. Typically, it will have 3 or 4 sessions per week each of 3 hours duration. Extra sessions may be scheduled during summer and other holidays as and when required.

CBSE Integrated Program (CBSE-IP)

Integrated Program means the training program in which the CBSE board syllabus along with JEE-Advanced Coaching, JEE-Main Training Institutes or NEET Coaching curriculum for the respective streams Engineering / Medical, are covered during the normal school timings.

Advantages of CBSE-Integrated Program:
CBSE-IP increases the efficiency of a student’s preparation towards Board & JEE-Advanced Coaching/Institute, JEE-Main Training Institutes / NEET Coaching in Chennai due to the following reasons:

  • In CBSE-IP there will be synchronization between learning for the Board syllabus & JEE-Advanced Coaching/Institute, JEE-Main Training Institutes/ NEET Coaching curriculum since all are handled by the SMART faculty team. The course structure devised will ensure that the redundancy in learning the already known topic will be avoided, while there will be sufficient suitable re-inforcement of the concepts.
  • Since more number of hours are spent with the SMART faculty during the school time on a daily basis towards JEE-Advanced Coaching/Institute, JEE-Main Training Institutes / NEET Coaching in Chennai preparation, school time itself will be utilized in a highly productive manner in alignment with the primary objective to prepare well & excel in competitive exams as well as Board Exam.

CBSE-IP student will get more hours of precious study time at home. Adherence to the demanding weekly schedule such as E-Pad learning, practicing more number of problems from the study materials and reference books prescribed & taking up the weekly tests will all become relatively easier for CBSE-IP students, due to the time available to them back home. Still they will also be tight with their workload, since scope to practice more in their & higher levels is always present.

Smart Minds Academy (Alternate School Nurturing Children for Holistic Academic Excellence)

Smart Minds Academy is the Ideal option for NEET Coaching in Chennai / AIIMS or IIT / NIT Aspirants. In this option the overall efficiency especially in learning and practicing will be better than even the CBSE-IP option since the scheduling and utility of all the time slots is totally in our hands. The outstanding results of the first batch by itself is a proof of SMA’s successful concept and the quality of training & guidance provided.

SMA Achievements

  • State First Rank and AIR 26 in JEE-Advanced Coaching/Institute by Arjun Bharat (Score: Maths 112, Phy 91 & Che. 115 – Total 318/366)
  • 100% results in JEE-Advanced Coaching/Institute.
  • State First Rank in JEE-Main Training Institutes in Chennai(Offline format)
  • Arjun Bharat and Keertha Gurushankar (First girl from Tamil Nadu) are the two students from Chennai to clear INPhO (Indian National Physics Olympiad Coaching Classes in Chennai) and attend the prestigious International Physics Olympiad Coaching Classes in Chennai Orientation cum Selection Camp in Mumbai.
  • National Record for Highest number of students to clear Zonal Informatics Olympiad Coaching Classes in Chennai(ZIO) from a single school – out of 131 students selected across India, 9 are SMA students.
  • All India First Rank in Sub-Junior Finals of AMTI-NMTC .
  • Excellent performance in Olympiads conducted by SOF, Unified Council and Silver Zone.
  • 7 students of Std. IX out of total strength of 11 students in that class and 1 student of Std. X cleared the MAS mark for NSEJS
  • 4 students cleared the Regional Maths Olympiad Coaching Classes in Chennai(RMO 2017) and got selected for Indian National Maths Olympiad Coaching Classes in Chennai(INMO)
  • One student secured NTSE Training & Scholarship