Arjun Bharat (IIT-M)

JEE Advanced(JEE Advanced Coaching Institutes in Chennai )
State Rank - 1 | AIR 26

It has been an incredible journey of two years with Smart Edu and it has changed my life completely. Commuting from Adyar has been more than worthful for me.
It has also been a great privilege and honour to be under the tutelage of K.K. Anand Sir, including his exemplary video lectures. The best faculty team, practice materials, tests and guidance has ensured that the training is of a high quality as well as self-sufficient too.
Undoubtedly, this revolutionary school is bound to have a profound impact on its students, all the way from Standard One. I would like to convey my best wishes to all my juniors for even greater success.

Aditya Anand


I studied in SMART for five years, starting from my 8th standard. The excellent teaching support and encouragement by the teachers, helped me to do well in all the Olympiads and JEE. I was able to get clear understanding of all the concepts, that gave me good proficiency in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I thank K K Anand Sir personally for his insightful live classes and E Pad Video Lectures and SMART for all opportunities.

E.Santosh Kumar


SMART with very good faculty team headed by K K Anand Sir provides excellent coaching and helps the students to achieve their best. The study materials, reference notes & assignments that are provided and tests administered for various levels are one of the best in the country. Thanks to SMART that I was able to clear JEE-Adv with AIR214.

Anaga Sethuraman

(NIT - Trichy)

I think SMART is a splendid institute for those who additionally prefer the freedom of self-study apart from learning well in the classroom. A wide variety of learning aids, including an app for test-taking, video lectures and of course, books and study packages are provided to students, who then have the opportunity to make as much use of them as they choose. The faculty are always ready to clear doubts and clarify concepts, but it all boils down to the dedication of the individual. I entered with the assumption that this was just another coaching class to clear JEE Advanced and instead experienced and joy of learning math and science for four years.

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Keeping up with the ever-changing pattern of the JEE-Advanced is a Herculean task for students. In scenarios like these, constant practice is an invaluable aid. Hence, I can say with certainty that the Smart Edu app proved to be very helpful in my preparation for both JEE-Main and Advanced. The app explored every aspect of the test in detail. The time taken per question, per subject and the accuracy of my attempts were brought before me. It helped me analyse whether the reason behind an error was ignorance of the concept or a mistake committed while solving the problem in haste. This taught me to dedicate the appropriate amount of time to my calculations and to prevent a litany of avoidable errors. The large number of tests in the app was a boon and I took one test nearly every day in the week's preceding JEE. I urge students to make the best use of this app, as they will doubtless find it a game-changer.

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