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Fostering Excellence in the field of Competitive Exams

  • Efficient System & Module Structure – for Learning, Practicing & Test Taking

  • Experience the Joy of Learning from the Expert Faculty Team

  • Conceptual yet Result Oriented Training

  • Individual Attention and Monitoring For Quality Results

  • Value added Video Lectures of Prof.K.K.Anand

  • Student's Success is our Commitment

  • Ideal Place for Olympiads Coaching / JEE/NEET Training Institute Aspirants

  • Nurturing the capable students to accomplish stellar academic credentials

  • Excellent choice for anyone interested in Quality Education and attain better Academic Progress

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Presently Smart Edu has two entities viz. SMART (Science & Mathematics Academy for the Real Talents) as a NEET/IIT-JEE Coaching Institute & SMA (Smart Minds Academy) as an Alternate School.

The vision of Smart Edu Group is to foster excellence in the field of competitive education. Here student’s success is our first commitment and we don’t compromise the Quality of Education. Our highly trained, dedicated and experienced faculty members and staff are a resource that a student can draw upon for inspiration, assistance and support. With Conceptual yet Result Oriented Training, we strive to make the difference by making the students experience the Joy of Learning.

Prof. K K Anand, CEO & Founder, Smart Edu Group

Prof K K Anand

Founder & CEO Smart Edu Group

A humble & brilliant Prof. K K Anand is a topper from BITS Pilani with a dual degree in BE(Hons) Chemical Engg. & BE(Hons) Computer Science Engg. He is also topper of MS (USA) in Chemical Engg.

Leaving all the lucrative opportunities both nationally and abroad, he took the task of IIT-JEE Training/Coaching from 2004 by instituting SMART (Science and Mathematics Academy for the Real Talents), a leading NEET Coaching Institute for Engineering & NEET Medical entrance exams and Olympiads Coaching/Institutes at Chennai and has been producing the best results among all class-room programs in Chennai for several years.

In the arena of IIT-JEE Training/Coaching in Chennai, Prof. K K Anand is regarded as a genius by the students, as there is none in India who teaches all the three subjects viz.

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About Smart Minds Academy

Though SMART will continue and constantly upgrade itself in Academics and other aspects, the situation now is considerably different from what it was even five years back especially because of the steady increase in the national level competition among students preparing for Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams. Also more time, attention and efforts are required to harness the full potential of the talented students while imparting knowledge and skills in the diversified fields of Academics and training in Advanced Syllabus., moulding them to attain a greater competence to excel in Olympiads and Competitive Exams.

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